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About Us

Amphora Ceramics is a family run business and studio established in 1978 in Delphi, Greece. We focus on handmade and hand painted Greek pottery of the finest quality; the entire Amphora Ceramics collection is created in our studio in Delphi and it includes museum copies from the Minoan, Geometric, Corinthian, Archaic and Classical period. We have studied extensively not only the art of Ancient Greek pottery, but also the Ancient Greek history, mythology and poetry. It is this very holistic understanding that enables us to approach our subject matter with a greater perspective and deliver art pieces of the highest quality. Throughout the years, our shop and studio in Delphi has been visited by people from all around the world and we have had the honour and pleasure to meet individuals who have become return customers and in some cases friends. We have received valuable feedback on our work and we take great pride in sustaining these relationships through efficient communication and by constantly delivering creations of exceptional standards. One of the increasingly most frequent enquiries we have been receiving from our customers had to do with our online presence and an e-shop which would enable them to acquire our art pieces hassle free and without having to travel to Delphi or Greece. Our website and e-shop is online because of them.


Amphora Ceramics
  • Michailou Danai
  • Apollonos 6+8 Street, 33054 Delphi Greece

  • +30 22650 82074

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