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The user is entitled to withdraw from the contract without justification within an exclusive period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date on which the user or third party receives the product.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the user may either inform the business by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or send his request by post to the address of the business by filling in the relevant return form that will be provided with the product delivered. In order to timely exercise the withdrawal right, the user has to inform the business accordingly (using one of the two ways mentioned above) within the above period of 14 calendar days.


In case of exercise of the withdrawal right above, the business has to refund the the user within 14 days, as long as the business considers that the product returned is in proper condition (except for any additional initial delivery costs applying should the user has chosen any other delivery method than the basic and less expensive method offered by the business). The refund will take place using the same payment method used by the user for the initial transaction. Refunds for personalized products that have been processed specifically for a specific user can not take place. The business can withhold the refund either until it receives all the products back or receives proof of their return. It is worth noting that the user must return the product in the condition in which it was received, otherwise the user is responsible for any damage caused resulting in a reduction of the product’s value. In the event that the user wishes to replace a product, replacement may only take place if the product is available at a given time in the warehouse of the business's online store, the business not being responsible for any unavailability or inadvertently incorrect availability indication in the online store. In this case the business must inform the user without delay and either return the amount according to the above or propose replacement with any other product. For the replacement of the product, all the above conditions also apply to the refund (replacement within 14 calendar days, excellent condition of the returned product, examination by the business, etc.) Replacement for personalized products that have been processed specifically for the specific user can not take place.


In the unlikely event that the user considers that the product received is defective, the user may contact the business either by email or by filling out the special contact form and returning the product. After the business receives the product, it must thoroughly examine it and inform the user as soon as possible, regarding the condition of the product and its rights, whether they concern a refund or replacement with another product depending on availability. Refunds or replacements must be made within 14 calendar days of the day the business sends an informative email to the user regarding its review of the defective product. The refund will be made by the same method as the payment method used at the time of purchase.

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